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       A parament peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. Digital signatures provide part of the solution, but the main ones benefits are lost if a trusted third party is still required to avoid double spending. With URBANCASH we propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to peer network. The network marks the transactions by grouping them in a continuous chain of Proof of work POW (PROOF OF WORK) based on hash, forming a record that cannot be changed or redone. Proof of work. The longest string not only serves as proof of the sequence of events witnessed, but proof that it came from the largest group of CPU power. How as long as the majority of the CPU power is controlled by nodes that do not cooperate to attack the network, they will spawn the longest chain and attack attackers.

The network itself requires a minimal structure. Messages are conveyed in a better effort base, and nodes can leave and rejoin the network at will, accepting the longest chain of proof of work as proof of what happened while they were away. In addition to URBANCASH, the Staking Test called POS (PROOF OF STAKING) will be implemented to the extent of the hash difficulty. In addition UrbanCasH is already accepted as a method of payment and exchange in various commercial premises legally. Stablecoin with adaptive issuance to curb dynamic and unwieldy price volatility.UrbanCasH Team. UrbanCasH continues to develop its crypto technology based on privacy and to build a future for the little ones.

Social projects will be presented by the responsible entities in advance explaining and facilitating or using UrbanCasH for the projected purposes. UrbanCash works in its own ecosystem, super fast and reliable finance technology. Decentralized file protection. Advanced daps for alltypes of businesses. Long and short term staking process. In Europe, with part of the small local market, UrbanCash already moves through, coffee shops, tobacco shops, user registration associations, pharmacies, working hard to implement UrbanCash payment methods so that urban utility is easy, fast and secure . UrbanCash is different from or having a consensus of profit sharing in
equal parts.
The Urbancash blockchain is AI and learns with al lof us, in order to organize ourselfs in a better utility. UrbanCash its not for sale , it is exchanged among itself and among another cryptocurrencies and FIAT , USD/EUR and USDT. UrbanCash Works freely and without being under the control of any entity or government. Fungibility Unique one-time addresses and ring signatures of transactions are providing resistance to blockchain analysis. Every transaction only increases entropy and creates additional obstacles for those who wish to dig into financial operations with UrbanCash. Resistance to the analysis, in turn, provides a very important characteristic inherent in real money, – fungibility. Fungibility of money means that all units of one denomination have the same purchasing power. Fungibility is the key difference and advantage over Bitcoin. All the karbos are interchangeable and uniform, unlike bitcoins. It is because in Bitcoin
everyone can at any time view all transactions on the accounts of any andall participants and see how many Bitcoins is at the balance of an address.
This can lead to censorship of the assets of people. Using UrbanCash you have enhanced privacy, independence, and freedom as if you used cash.


• • Ticker: URBC
• • Symbol: URBC – URBC
• • Proof-of-Work algorithm: CryptoNight
• • Block time: 60 seconds
• • Difficulty: retarget each block
• • Block reward: slight decrease every block R = (S – A)/218 where ‘S’
initial supply and ‘A’ is already generated coins
• • Divisible: up to 608 atomic units (up to 8 decimal places)
• • Emission: ∞, initial supply of 60000000,00000000 atomic units, or 60 million URBC.
• • Tail emission: ~2% inflation per year.

UrbanCasH NODE – UrbanCasH nodes are characterized by the efficiency and security of the network, The nodes have a monthly value to maintain a minimum of network transactions to ensure the security and development of the network, the monthly cost of the node is maintained by the profit generated, where each user is free to use the amount earned to exchange in the cryptocurrency market. Always maintaining a lower volatility due to the daily profit of shops and the same nodes in operation. Our masternodes are designed to last and scale with minimum effort required. The STAKING process will be implemented according to the difficulty of the mining network, to guarantee speed and efficiency in transfers.

The STAKING process has the assured reward for the availability of assets (URBC) available in the network, UrbanCasH works in mutual consensus so the benefit contributions are distributed equally. UrbanCasH is in considerable growth, we can afford not to disclose part of our projects derived from the fact that they are confidential and secret, for a better development of our work. We work for the future and for humanity. UrbanCasH is for everyone and to be everywhere. Urbnetworks It provides a scalable and decentralized blockchain network for the security of society and brings together individuals, companies and governments in a digital world.

Terminology :Enhanced privacy requires a new terminology which should not be confused with Bitcoinentities. private ec-key is a standard elliptic curve private key: a number a ∈ [1, l − 1]; public ec-key is a standard elliptic curve public key: a point A = aG; one-time keypair is a pair of private and public ec-keys; private user key is a pair (a, b) of two different private ec-keys; tracking key is a pair (a, B) of private and public ec-key (where B = bG and a 6= b); public user key is a pair (A, B) of two public ec-keys derived from (a, b); standard address is a representation of a public user key given into human friendly string with error correction; truncated address is a representation of the second half (point B) of a public user key giveninto human friendly string with error correction. The transaction structure remains similar to the structure in Bitcoin: every user can choose several independent incoming payments (transactions outputs), sign them with the corresponding private keys and send them to different destinations. Contrary to Bitcoin’s model, where a user possesses unique private and public key, in the proposed model a sender generates a one-time public key based on the recipient’s address and some random data. In this sense, an incoming transaction for the same recipient is sent to a one-time public key (not directly to a unique address) and only the recipient can recover the corresponding private part to redeem his funds (using his unique private key). The recipient can spend the funds using a ring signature, keeping his ownership and actual spending anonymous. The details of the protocol are explained in the next subsections. UrbanCash is not only committed to making a fungible currency, but also to continued research into the realm of financial privacy as it involves cryptocurrencies.


The Mission behind the UrbanCash project is to facilitate and simplify payment methods and bring the Iberian Peninsula to the top of decentralized finance, through the implementation and use of digital currency in the different urban payment methods.
With this we will avoid generating a considerable amount of paper.
Looking to the future,
The vision of this new project is to provide people with safer and simpler finances, where they can continuously generate passive income, making Urbancash the leading (active) exchange method in the Iberian Peninsula.
Intended primarily for everyday use, UrbanCash will follow a strategy aligned with its values. Achieve a more sustainable and secure economy, where everything is based on a mutual and global consensus.

Our core team is spread worldwide, assuring 24h/7d development and
We are all part of a fervent community of experts and we like to take
important decisions collectively.
Feel free to join and meet us!
Support : urbancash@urbancash.org

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